Is there any way I can get financial assistance to take care of my husband?

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In Michigan, I was able to receive funds from the State for caring for my Mother in my home until she went into a nursing home in 2007. She was on Medicaid (assets of $2,000 or less). I asked her caseworker about being paid and was referred to another casework at Department of Human Services. Mom's doctor had to sign a form and the Home Health Care caseworker came to the house to do an assessment. But I was paid around $370.00 per month. Mom was also allowed a Bridge Card for food.- another $125-150 per month. Good luck and be persistent!! Amy
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If your husband or you were in the armed forces, the VA does have benefits to help with caregiving. They do not pay you directly but will help pay for home health care in some cases. There are several types of VA benefits you can access if you qualify.
blessings, Bridget
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Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Even if you have to quit your job to care for a family member, it is extremely difficult to be handed a check for being a family caregiver – even though you deserve it – it’s a full-time job!

The short answer is: There are SOME States that offer SOME assistance.

There are programs such as Cash and Counseling that provide some pay for family caregivers - but the program is only available in 18 states (Here's an article on it: Medicare will pay for some costs of nursing home care, Medicaid has minimal assistance available for very low-income elders, and veterans are eligible for some financial relief.

There may be some money out there, but you will have to do some research, based on your individual situation and the state in which you live. Two great places to start your search is your local Area Agency on Aging (find them in your phone book) and, which asks you some questions, and based on your responses, determines if there is aid for you or your senior.

We have some articles here on AgingCare that might help you as well:

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