Is there any recourse I can take against a caregiver that has taken items, including a $300K coin collection, from 83-year-old father with Alzheimer's?

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I'm so sorry to hear this, it's especially hurtful when someone takes advantage of a vulnerable person. It's maddening!! ASAP - call the agency sending the care giver and get a replacement. If possible make a list of the missing items, include photos if you have them - go directly to the local police and discuss this with them. If physical things are missing then the cops should alert local pawn shops and coin dealers. After you file the police report, go to these shops and ask them if they have any coins or other missing items. DO NOT tell them you're looking for stolen items. Look at the items they show you and, if they belong to your father, say you're not interested. Go outside and call the police immediately. If your father has anything else that's valuable - get it locked up in a safe deposit box, take an inventory and take photos. This will help if any future care givers take advantage of him.
My dad had alot of people taking advantage of him;it was a job in it self trying to keep it from happening.I got so disqusted that I tried to get my brother who is a assistant district attorney who I thought had better resources than me to hire people.He and the main nurse hired a lady...........She turned out to be the worst of all.She had a long record in tenn. michigan-kentucky-she had two probation officers.Needless to say she stole alot of stuff from paper towells to family treasures.She got brave and started writing out her own pay check-I reported her and she was arrested[because of being on probation] The other caregiver was in on it ,but couldn't be proven. My brother who did not have any hands on with the situation then tried to say I took the things. Those reports help protect me from my brothers and there accusations. This same woman went to work at a local nursing home[with help of probation officer] where she rip them off also. You are not just protecting your dad by making the report you are also protecting yourself and other sick people down the road.I think Lynn gave very good advice.
Unfortunately, we didn't go through an agency...she is a relative of a good friend. I never wrote down serial numbers from tools or the 62 year old family rifle that was taken. She did mail back (priority mail envelope) 5 keys to dads' florist business that's attached to his home. One original key & 4 copies (guess she gave them out to friends to get whatever they wanted too), but police have nothing about that yet either and it's been since weeks since I filed the report.
I'm not sure how the sherriffs dept. is where you are at,but here the crooks usaually get caught after turning themselves in.All cops are not created equal,some do a good job,some don't care.I have gotten to the point of asking for the report to make sure they included what should have been.GRANT money is sometimes denied with too many unsolved cases-our county likes to bragg about solved cases,so sometimes things don't get recorded.They would not want to make a report if no insurance was involved. My lawyer had to call the cops to remind them what they are there for.It is aweful people taking advantage when one needs help the most. Preditors come in all shapes,income levels and sizes.
If she had keys to anything - change the locks ASAP as well....

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