Is there a tax break or grant that will help in the purchase of a car for transportation of the elderly?

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I retired early to care for my 88 year old mother and 92 year old father. While I was working I drove a compact car due to a 40 mile daily commute. Now I seriously need a large car for easier access by my parents. However, larger means more expensive. Is there anyway I can get financial assistant in purchasing the car, either by grants, tax break, etc?

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I don't know of anything specific for elders, but you might consider trading it in on a larger used car. It doesn't have to be new as long as it runs well & is safe. Consider looking on the internet sites like craigslist -

The papers carried a story about an incentive to buy newer cars, but as I understand it the catch is that your old car has to get less than 16 miles per gallon to qualify

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