Is the mileage from traveling to care for my elderly mother every weekend tax deductible?

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I drive 220 miles round trip to care for my 96 yr. old Mother every weekend (she pays for a HHA 24/7 on weekdays). Is my mileage to provide weekend care tax deductable? If so, what is the rate per mile. Thanks. NJdaughter

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You should check with a CPA for guidance, but there are tax deductions you can get for caregiving out-of-pocket expenses. You want to make sure you do it right, though, so get expert, personal advice from the IRS or a CPA.
I drive 675 miles twice per year to care for my elderly mother while her caregiver is off. is this mileage deductible?
I'm not a lawyer, so not sure this is correct, but, if she paid your gas, she might be the one to be able to take the deduction as a medical expense. Again, check with a lawyer or accountant.

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