Is it the disease talking when my mom with significant Alzheimer's gets angry with me and tells me she's upset that she allowed me to be in charge?

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Is it the disease talking when my mom with significant AD gets angry with me telling me she is upset that she allowed me to be in charge etc.... I was told by one person she is combative which today she was so angry she threatened to break a window and then thew her meds at me saying she didn't want them any more. I know she is angry about everything I am sure........ but is is the diesase that is angry at me? I don't like taking her out much because all she does is complain that she got out and is tired etc....etc...she complains if she gets out and complains is she stays in. What to do?

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It may be the disease but it may also be the medicine. An elderly family friend had to go the hospital. After a day there, he became combative, paranoid (he thought that he owned the place but that it was a hotel and the staff were trying to kill him) and extremely agitated. He had none of those symptoms before he was admitted. Turns out it was the meds - but don't know which ones were given. The staff was ready to send him to the psychiatric ward but one of his family members fortunately realized it was the meds. Read the side effect list carefully!

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