Is it normal not to sleep very much at an older age?

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MY father doesn't sleep many hours probably about 6 in a 24 hour period.

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6 hours within 24 really isn't too bad. often older folks will take these quick little cat-naps during the day, thus, throwing off their night time hours. keeping them busy during the day with fresh air, walking or anything physical, with a little socializing thrown in, would help with a deeper and longer sleep. just make sure he's a happy man and knows that he is loved.
Yes, that is my guess too that he is probably getting in a few little naps during the day which cut down on his need for sleep at night. Adult Day Care is a great solution for keeping him busy for several hours a day. Find out more about that via:
My mom has Sundown Syndrom, really soon as it starts to get dark her whole personality changes. She doesn't sleep at all at night, always has her light on....when I go into her room she seems to not know what she is doing....she is rearranging her closet, her drawers, putting on her makeup, combing her hair. Even during the daytime hours she has all the lights on. She also gets combative, saying things to me that she would not say during the day. Anyone else have this situation. Can't remember the last time I slept a full night.

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