Is it legal for an elderly to leave his rental property to his hired professional caregiver?

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Without more details it's hard to say. I can only go by my experience with mom. She got mad at me and my kids, went to a lawyer, revoked the POAs she'd given my son and me, rewrote her will and now the paid caregiver is set to get the condo and some money I was to inherit. All perfectly legal. Immoral? Yes, in my opinion. My lawyer said as long as mom has not been diagnosed with mental illness, she's free to put anybody in her will. He said if I wanted to go after the caregiver I could but I'll have to prove she's been underhanded and it'll be very costly. Mom thinks the caregiver walks on water so how do I fight that? I've never wanted anything from mom, but some of the money earned to pay for this condo was my dad's. I'm glad he's not alive to see this mess.
The lawyer is correct, not much you can do unless you can prove that she is mentally ill and / or incapable of handling her finances.
My mom revoked my POA and withdrew all her money from the bank but, fortunately this happened after she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's / Dementia and there was no problem reversing it. The bank should have a copy of the POA in their possession and then you'll need a POA account that requires your signature to prevent future events.

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