Is it a normal action when someone has AD to remember thing sometimes and not at other times?

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Definitely. People with dementia who haven't recognized someone for years can suddenly know them, then lose it again. There is no straight line.

Hang in and keep checking back. We all need each other.
Yes, that is common. Most people understand that AD is a memory problem but don't fully understand that Alzheimer's and other types of dementia reflect damage in the brain. The common symptoms are memory loss, changes in communication(difficulty finding words, or making sense of what they see), changes in behavior (wandering, acting out of anger)and difficulty doing some every day things(bathing, dressing). As menitoned by the expert above, the symptoms don't usually progress in a straight line. The Alzheimer's Association has some great information, tips and strategies for coping with the confusing and frustrating symptoms. And, yes, of course keep checking back to this web site to see what works for others who are in the thick of caregiving. Good Luck.
Yep. Good days and bad days. Sometimes it will seem like my father has no memory loss at all, other times he'll ask or say things that blow me away. Things like "Do we have a microwave?" while standing in the kitchen, 5 feet from the microwave.

Like minalisew said, it's damage to the brain. It's not so much the brain cells dying that store things, it's a disease that affects cognitive skills to reach certain pools of memory, losing neurons and synapses.

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