Incontinence pads being are no longer covered as of this month. (Medicaid stopped, I'm on extra help) Any suggestions where to turn now?

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The pads are, they are $15-19 a package. I buy a lot for Mom when they go on sale. (Kmart seems to have them on sale often.) Also, when they do go on sale, ask the manager if you can buy a case lot and if there is an additional discount for buying in bulk. Rite-aid has a caregivers product discount...not sure how it works. Lastly, try the internet and compare prices. (I use a great search engine called "TheFind." It shows you all the stores that carry the same product and compares prices for you. I would look at Amazon too. Whenever I find a good price on them I buy a ton for Mom.....good luck...Lilli
Did you find out from your case manager why they are cutting off your supply? Do you happen to have an in home nursing agency visiting you? The nurse who visits my family member often has former patients who unfortuantely passed away or entered a nursing home whose families ask her to take unneeded supplies such as these and distribute them to others who need them. There are non profit organizations who do this like this one. See if there is one in your town.

You could try to contact the manufacturers of these products to ask if they have any programs to assist people who can't afford these supplies, maybe they will send coupons, etc.
The Medicaid allowables (amount allowed) differ from state to state but to my knowledge Medicaid is covering incontinence in all states. Perhaps you are part of a Medicaid MCO (Managed Care Organization)? If so, you may need to look into whether your state has different MCO's that cover incontinence and consider changing plans. Just a thought. The cost will vary depending on a number of factors (retail vs HME/DME, manufacturer, distributor, quality of product, etc), however, if your loved one does not need a brief (diaper), I would recommend you contact a clinician who really understands the product offering. Sometimes this means calling the manufacturer and asking if they have a clinician you can talk to. They may be able to help step down the product you are buying into something that will truly works at a lower cost.

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