If my mom goes into a nursing home, can I legally still live in her house? I am willed the house and have POA. I have lived with her for 2 years

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we gave up our home to move in with her so I could provide 24/hr care. I am trying to prepare for the future. I was told by someone to add my name to her house deed, but I feel that in moms stage of dementia it would look as though I am taking advantage of her. I have siblings that would jump at the chance to throw mom in a home and kick us out of the house so they could sell the house for their gain! What rights do I have? mom understands why I am are here and is fine with us living here.

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If mom will need to apply for Medicaid, she will be permitted to be out of the home for so many months before the house is considered a resource, and will need to be listed for sale. It will not matter that you are willed the house. So was I, but I had to apply for a mortgage to buy the home, and the proceeds had to be used for her care until the money was "spent down". You should ask an Elder Care Attorney in your county about your rights.

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