If my in-laws sign up for Medicaid will it effect their social security checks?


I need to know if I am taking care of my in-laws if they should sign up for medicade or if that will effect their social security checks.

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Medicaid is for people who have little or no assets - it does not affect their SS checks, but they have to qualify which means that they must apply to their state. The application process takes some time and is thoroughly checked to prevent abuse.

If you feel that they qualify, and have less than $________ between them then call your local senior center and ask for a referral to volunteer that can give you the paperwork and walk you through the process. You should not need a lawyer - do not pay anyone to help you complete the paperwork before talking to a volunteer and the caseworker who is assigned to their application.

As a reminder - although in recent years unscrupulous 'advisors' told people to hide assets in trusts in order to qualify for Medicaid, states are now looking harder and have longer look back periods. And any benefits that they get through medicaid is repaid out of their estate - including a house - after they pass. Likewise Medicaid does not pay very much for in home services.

Good luck - if you need an expert, go to Carol - the moderator's wall and ask for a reply.
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It will affect everything, no doubt. Do they have assets that need to be protected? A home, cars, investments, life insurance policies? There's lots to know, and tons of work to qualify. Be prepared for a paperwork jungle. Can be quite taxing, for even accountants. We had to do a spend-down to qualify. You can call and ask your State's requirements, surf the net, or ask and Elder Law attorney. Find a reputable one, though, as some don't know their stuff, and your in laws could end up with penalties. Best wishes!
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