If I own the home that my mother lives in, can I get tax relief?

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My mom is 72 years old she still works 20 hours a week. she does not want to quit. i don't blame her. she receives social security. but still lives below the poverty level. I own a home which she lives in and she pays me a few bucks a month. I pay all utilities, the home has a mortgage plus property taxes etc. I live with my fiance but we can't get married or move forward because of the double bills etc. for reasons beyond all of our control it is not an option for her to live with us right now. can i get help with bills or tax relief or anything? I am not wealthy just trying to do what's right for mom

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Have you talked with an accountant or tax professional in your state? Perhaps speaking with an elder law specialist or such?

Each state has their own specifics and variations of laws. I would talk to others in your area or around you and just "listen" to people. You may find some helpful information that way.

Let us know how you are doing.
thank you i will try anything, and i appreciate the advice. thanks again

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