If I am taking care of my aged Father, can I get paid for it?

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i have moved my elderly mom in with me.she cant help me with the bills because she has so many herself. can i get some financial help for taking taking care of her in my home instead of sending her to a nursing home?
I think in the state of pa. You can get a tax break or claim her on your tax return if you can prove you've spent so much for housing her and feeding ect.......
You might want begin with Social Services, She and/or you may be eligible for things like Help with utility bills, food stamps, etc. And I believe if your mom is eligible for MedicAID, and needs to have assistance in the home, you can be the one who gets paid for that, if your mom is a veteran, there is a program through the VA which also allows a family to be the one paid by the program for caregiving. Best of luck.

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