I work full-time, but my mother now needs someone with her all the time. Is there financial aid available so I can care for her?

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This is the most frequently asked question on this website. Search for the term "can I get paid for." Usually it is one of the top caregiver Searches in the sidebar to the right. Generally, this is very hard to get a govt to pay for this.

Every time I write about this, I get sick. So I'll stop. Basically, the family caregiver is considered THE resource so that the govt does not have to pay a caregiver And with the danger of financial elder abuse, it is difficult for your own mother to pay her with her own funds. "Oh, that money is to be saved for her care!!" Well, what am I, chopped liver? "Oh to be saved for her care when you totally wear out and can't do it any more. See??"

Is your mother a Vet? or your father? are they still married. Possibility there. If she is destitute on Medicaid, sometimes family members can get paid a pittance. I think Mass is a state that does pay family caregivers to keep elders out of nursing homes.

ihss - in home supportive services- you need to have your doc. say that she is unable and how many hours of care she needs and you should be able to care for her- i heard that its only 100 hours a month

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