I live in Washington State. Do they have a program to pay for family care at home?

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My husband has increased confusion due to his hepatic encephalopathy. He falls every night and I am afraid to leave him alone during the day when I work. He is often confused and disoriented. Can I get paid to stay at home and care for him, or my daughter to live with us and care for him? I am a RN and my daughter is a CNA.

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Check with your state website. Once on the site, try typing "aging" in the search box. That should take you to local services. States vary, so there's really no one answer to this question.
Your state should have a version of the National Family Caregiver Support Program. If you click this link, you should find people who have "been there" and can help guide you. Good luck with this. Many people want this option but it's not easy to get.

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