barrett62 Asked November 2012

I live alone and have called every agency in my area, I live in Jackson County and was told to go to Huntsville, AL


In the area was turn down On everything.I live in a RV ITS my Home and I need it Weatherization I was turn down due it not a Apartment or a House I can not afford, Please check and see if any Agency that could Help me I need a Porch with steps I have just small step rick fall,and window check for winter they all been so rude,Could u check,Maybe u may soimeone to help me. I am on SS Monthly due my Health and no other income i am 62 year of age with bad health The Rv are very cold Do not want to run out of time thank u

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NancyH Nov 2012
barrett62, go to a church and ask if they have help for you. Most churches have an emergency fund or a 'special needs' fund to help people. Or if not, ask if they have someone in their congregation that has the ability to help you. Note: lots of times it's the small country church that helps the most.
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if you are being turned down because you live in a RV maybe legal services can help
Huntsville Office - Legal Services Alabama
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