I just want to know...are there others out there who are on disability and caring for parents with dementia?

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Yes, I'm caring for my Mom & it's challenging, to say the least. For me, the loneliness of this is the worst. Sometimes, I go days on end without an intelligent adult conversation.
Yes, I am on disability and had been caring for my mom until last month. She fell several times, was not able to get herself back up, I could not lift her or help her back up because of my own disability, so she landed in the nursing home. I had a lot of problems caring for mom because of the physical problems that I had, I was concerned about me landing in the hospital with my back and neck problems. I have a lot of other health problems and I never felt that I could really take care of myself and get over illnesses because I would be up caring for me all the time.
Right now I am going through a lot of sadness and separation anxiety not being there taking care of her all the time, adn have a deep sense of loss, and trying to adjust to living with my sister. Mom is resisting staying in the nursing home and sueing both me and my sister for having her in the nursing home and we have to go to court next month. I am at the point of a nervous breakdown now, making my anxiety disorder worse.

Yes, I did feel lonely caring for mom, I had to be there with her all the time and I did not have much social life. Now I am getting out to do things, but I am tied up at the nursing home trying to get mom adjusted to it and try to encourage her to want to stay and try to get our family problems resolved. I did not realize what chaos this was going to cause.
I feel your sense of loss and glad you have a sibling that you can live with. You did not mention either Durable or Medical POA. Do you have them? It sounds like you and your sister need an atty to file for guardianship for the protection and care of your mom who evidently needs to be in a nursing home but cannot or refuses to see that.

I understand that you must have had to move quickly to get your mom in a nursing home given your disabling health problems.

I'm on disability myself with bipolar two and the stress of all this sometimes triggers some strong mood swings.

I pray that all of this will work out and that you do not have a nervous breakdown.

Have you talked with the nursing home people about what you can do or not do to help your mom adjust? If not, I think that I've read some articles on line about this. Also, who checked her in the nursing home? If you did this with medical POA or with a doctor's orders then she has no ground upon which to sue you.

Also, has a doctor evaluated her for being competent to manage her own affairs.
Yes, I'm on disability and have had my mom almost 1 year. She needs help brushing teeth, showering, dressing etc. We have had to add locks to the inside of our doors so she doesn't wander. She's up and down all night. Very hard on me.

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