I just received a survey from insurance company about dad's medical state... most of the questions seem nosey and "in no way will affect coverage"?

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I only filled out answers I thought were appropiate it was usually for them to find out if his injuries were the fault of someone so they could get money from that source if I did not want to answer the questions I would sometimes give his doc name and phone no and there was no follow-up I am of the mind they do not need to know everything just the basics but you will get those surveys just give the info you are comfortable with-insurance companies alway want to get out of paying they are not in business to pay out money.
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I filled out the form, but didn't mail it... I considered filling it out on line... I ended up calling and getting an automated survey with very basic questions and a lot fewer than the mail-in form and not nearly as invasive. I am also of the mind that they do not need to know everything - they didn't even ask dr name and number ! Thanks for your opinion!

I just wanted to comment real quick...

good for you for exploring your options! seems it paid off well. Congrats!
Thanks KelleyBean! I went to visit my dad today - each visit seems to upset me more n more... grrr! I tire of exploring options, dealing with finances, worrying about him...and he's in a nursing home..! I am so glad that I didn't mail that survey in... will go from here...

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