I have quit my job to care for my grandmother (91), blind, living in her home. I have a 3-year-old son, and no help from family. Who can help?

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I also had to quit my job to take in my mom. However I did not know how sick she was I was informed she had the early stages of A/zheimers/dementia. That was wrong. it was hard because i was working and traveling back and forth from Florida to New York since I was the legal Durable power of attorney. I had social workers talk to me , nurse come and check on her. but I knew something was wrong. My two sons were grown, and she had no family that would even help me out. So I moved her to Florida. I did find a day care home enviorment. however only four days in my home that I made child proof. I had to make a emergency call to fire resuce, she was given to much medince fro up North. I had to place her in a private assisting living and she did very well for almost two years. They so many falls her body could not take any more. she knew until the end, i was still her little girl at times.I did the best I could . the stress level was so high and I still get depressed. iI did get some help from elder care. and also social groups. But it must be hard with a little one. Bless you all.
Thank you for your support. I feel so alone, and I will try these avenues. God Bless YOu

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