I have heard of a social securety benifit that will pay a stipend to a live in caregiver. Is there such a program in CA?

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I care for my 90 year old grandmother in her home. She has some short term memory loss and severe osteoporosis and arthritis. She has about 15,000 a year in income from social security and investments. She owns her home free and clear. I am in RN school and make about 5,000 a year at my part time job. I have reviewed the social security web site and have been unable to find any reference to such a program.

I would be grateful for any sugestion

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I know of one possibility; if her husband was a WWII vet, she might qualify for a little known benefit through the VA. It will pay for aid and assistance and is intended to help keep people in their homes if someone is able to assist them.

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