I have been looking into assisted living for my husband and myself. How can I make this seem like a good option for us, when husband is against the idea?

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It depends on your expectations. Not all AL centers are created equal.
Have you visited facilities and asked the hard questions such as: what services do you provide (ie: personal care, help with dressing or toileting, doctors appts., errands, etc.) Cost? Entry fees? How many people are on staff? Is there a medical person on the premises?
When I looked into facilities for my Mom I found that most ALs didn't offer much in the way of substantial help - especially compared to what they were charging. For example, they provide meals in communal dining rooms, but if you have mobility issues, this may become cumbersome. Also, most things Mom needed were considered "extras" for which they charged. So, at least in our case, ALs were just overpriced apartments for seniors.
However, if you enjoy all the amenities like a workout room, library, entertainment, field trips, etc., most do a good job with that.
I hope someone else chimes in with a better experience than mine. Bottom line: you need to do your homework before signing on the dotted line.
good luck
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