What is Aide and Attendance program and who gets paid through this? Who is using "Thick It"?

I am not using Daycare for my Mom any longer, Moms walking is poor and she needs has one on one at home. She doesnt want to get out of bed or up now and I have to make her, this scares me. I also think I will lose the veterans funding now if she doesnt go to daycare? I do have to pay caretakers here but I remember someone saying they got paid from it. Either way, I just dont want to lose it if anyone knows about this. Also. my Moms belly gurgles and she hasnt been herself. The only thing different I think is using Thick-It in her drinks. Could this cause problems and is there anything else I can use? Thanks to all...

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In California is there any paid care for mom ? Dad still lives in home,He's retired , has a reverse mortgage THAT IS GONE , MYSELF ANN BROTHER RESIDES IN HOME. CAREGIVING IS A VERY TIMELY. I NEED SOME SORT OF ASSISTANT
My husband is getting aid and attendance thru the VA. Just go to their website and do a search and they list the requirements. Basicaly, if you qualify they will reimburse you for medical expenses which include (among other things) caregivers, either private or in a faciity. You could actually receive compensation, but it is an income based program. The Veterans commission can help you with the application, or a VA social worker can also. The maximum is approximaely $2000 a month.

I use thick it in my husbands food and drink. I do notice some gas occasionally. If you need something to thicken food (instant mashed potatoes can help and don't add an additional taste) I make my husbands malts, using ice cream, fruit,and Carnation Malt mix (comes in vanilla and strawberry)and you should be able to get that drink thick enough. I have been caring for my husband for almost 7 years. He had a brain stem stroke and has a feeding tube and a supra pubic catheter, so I think I could help anyone on any questions concerning VA and many other things, but definitely contact your states veterans commission or a social worker at the va facility where she is registered. There is also home based care available where the physicians and nurses, therapists come to your home, and based on the income situation, there may be no costs. Hopes this help. I am in Texas.

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