I gave up my apartment 4 1/2 years ago to move in with my Mom who has Alzheimer's. Will I need to leave her home if she goes into a nursing home?

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That depends on your state laws and if she is on Medicaid. I would advise an estate attorney for this. You should get the details figured out legally so you don't have to work backward. It could save you a lot of grief.
As carol stated it depends on the state laws and where the placement is going to be. If you have the money for full paid nursing homes or I like assisting living more that is different. If your parent is to go on medicaid that is different. Alzheimer's/dementia go together. The illness takes time and pull you down. When mom was in the nursing home up north she did not have enough money and she was to ill to be at home with 24/7 care. My dear uncle was leaving upstairs at the time helping her out as much as a man could do his age was 83 at the time. They made first shut off the phone and then the TV/Cable and get ready to sell the house. They forced him out, but I did help to find a place for him. Mom had a small bank account ITF for me and I gave him the money to help him out. He lived with mom for almost 29 years. Start getting all your paper work together and find a elderr attorney they can help before someting happens. You may have to sell her home or if she is able to have your name placed on the house that they work. However once again each state is different with their laws. New York was that I was to be on the house title 5 years in 2005. it has now changed. Since I had all the legal paper work I was able to sell the house and get mom out of New York and to Florida. She just passed away. I had to place her in a beautiful assisting private home of where she died with diginity and love and good care. Seek out the elder law and call elder care in your local neighborhood. patrica61

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