I care for my Mom whom have dementia. will medicaid or medicare pay me for taking car of her?

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If your mom is on Medicaid, they may pay for some hours of care. Check with your state Medicaid people. Medicare would only pay for skilled nursing. Some states have combination programs, so it's best to check with your state agency on aging.
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Check with your DHHR office and they can direct you to an agency that will point you in the right direction. I went to the DHHR find out if there was some way to get help with Mom's Depends and Ensure. They gave me a paper with the names of different agencies that provide different services. I called them to see what services they provide and a lady came and evaluated Mom and determined that she was eligible for so many hours a day/week. Since she has dementia, she doesn't want a stranger coming in and doing things for her, so they told me that since I was already doing the job, that I could be paid for it. The only problem is there is a "freeze" on accepting new clients and hiring caregivers. I think the freeze has been on about a year and they said probably nothing would be done until after the upcoming election, hopefully. I have already had my CPR/first aid
training and if and when they ever lift the "freeze" I will go for training. Check with your county Dept. Health & Human Resources DHHR. They may have a similiar program. This is in WV where we live.

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