I am my 67 year old care giver he is crippled and has to have total care this is a full time job itsself I can not work. Can I receive cash and counseling?

My brother is crippled, he is 67 years old and wheel chair bound. I do every thing from cooking ,laundry, bathing,helping
him transfer from wheel chair to bed or bath chair. I take him to his doctor and get his medications.

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You are not alone. Unfotunately, it's hard to get paid well for caregiving. It sounds as though you should call social services and see if one or both of you qualify for Medicaid. Then, you should be able to get more help, and depending on where you live, you may even get some direct pay. Please check with your county or state to see what help is available. You may try calling 2-1-1. That is a helpline many states use.

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