I am having a problem with my wife eating enough food. I give her an Ensure+ daily but that is only 300 calories. Any suggestions?Thanks

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I just make something my mom likes, pizza, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes etc. Don't ask, they will eat to they are full. My Dr said appetite diminishes with dementia and not to force her to eat.
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Use aromas to help. Bake bread (get a machine) Watch the food channel. Check her meds, make sure something may be interferring with her appetite.

Eat small meals more often. Use bright color dishes so the food contrasts against the plate. Ask her to 'taste this honey' to get her interested in food.

The food channel really helped my mother get interested in food. Then I would have her help with some of the tasks, so she would feel a part of the activity.

The bread machine helped too. We baked bread almost every day, and it reminded her of 'home'. Also I baked fresh cookies, and meatloaf often. A crock pot cooking fresh soup helps too. Easy to make chicken soup, with a whole chicken, chicken stock, a few carrots an onion and some celery and your whole house will have the aroma of 'gramma's kitchen!"

Mom loved mashed potatoes, and I would add fresh butter, cream and sour cream to beef them up. She loved it!

Don't offer too much food at once, or too many choices. Don't ask if she is hungry... just make a snack and then sit and share it with her!

I know others will have plenty of ideas too, but be sure there isn't a medical (or DENTAL) reason for her not wanting to eat much!
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Does she like cookies oatmeal are great and if homemade can have raisens also my Mom has happy hour with her cats a little wine and crackers for her but the wine might settle the cats down but I do not think Mom would like cat treats. Ice cream might be good for her also.
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I agree with Lilliput that if your wife is medically able to eat foods other than Ensure, you would do best to encourage that type of balanced nutrition. But I want to add that if someone is only able to drink Ensure, for whatever reason it may be , you can beef up the calories in the Ensure by making an "Ensure milkshake" and mixing vanilla ice cream into it in a blender. We did this for my mother at the end of her life when she could not get anything else down but the Ensure milkshakes.
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I have had the same problem recently with my Mom. She still enjoys eating, but she was eating the wrong things and making a meal out of one item. I had to talk with her about balancing her meals, and now she is doing much better. I am not a fan of the "liquid" products, but you have to do what you have to do.
I try to sneak calories into Mom's dishes. Adding cream and a little butter into her mashed potatoes. Giving her whole milk (which is rich in calcium.) Giving her higher calorie treats. But the most important thing is balanced nutrition.
Is there a reason your wife's change in eating habits? Was she always a picky or light eater? Does she fear gaining weight? (this is more common in seniors than I thought.) Is she taking a medication that dulls the taste buds? Is she depressed? Digestion problems?....
Perhaps getting to the root of her dietary problem will help.
Good luck.
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