ahuelster Asked June 2010

I am considering getting guardianship of my mother. She has over $100,000 in medical debts. Will I assume the debts if I am guardian?

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LynnPO Jun 2010
No, guardianship generally means that you make decisions and work with caregivers and medical providers to ensure she receives good care and all that she needs. If you are guardian, PoA or in another position of control/power over her assets and things, funds, assets disappear, then you may be prosecuted for elder abuse or theft.

To better understand guardianship, the legalities, Power of Attorneys and any other role like these, see an elder care attorney OR speak with your local Area Agency on Aging. They can direct you to specialists who can help you navigate the laws of your state.

Don't take guardianship or PoA lightly. With it comes a lot of control and a commitment to ensure that your loved one gets the best care possible given the funds, treatments and options available to them. It DOES NOT mean you put up the money to pay their bills but it does mean you ensure their assets are used for their care.
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