I am caring for my Mom (Dementia) thus can't work outside of my home. Will Medicare/Medicaid pay me for being her f/t caregiver?

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That will depend on whether your state participates in what is typically known as a "Cash and Carry" Medicaid Waiver program (the program may have a different name in your state). This program allows Medicaid beneficiaries greater control over their benefits including the ability to pay family members for care.

To see if your state participates, visit here:

If your mother was married to an eligible veteran at his demise she may be eligible for a VA Aid and Attendance Improved Pension of up to $1,057 per month which could be used as compensation to you. If this benefit applies search this site for more information or to learn more about this benefit directly from the VA, visit here: http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/pension/

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