My father has dementia and will not let mother have Power of Attorney. What can be done?

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We have spoke to 2 lawyers and they say in Texas it is almost impossible to prove a person incompetent, even if he knows his name he wins

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Has a doctor evaluated him and does the doctor consider him competent?

If he is not competent, then POA is no longer an option.

If he is competent, is there another family member who he would give POA to. From my own experience, spouses are not always the best choice for a POA. My mom would already be dead and her money gone had my step-dad been POA.
His medical physician will not sign the medical documents needed to say he is incompenent "I do not sign those kind of papers". Dad will not go to any other doctor and refuses to see a geriatric psychiatrist. He is worse in the evenings with his Sundowners. He will not give POA to anybody. my Mom is planning on going to the banks and talking to them about his accounts.

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