How to get paid paid for caring for my sister?

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My sister lives with me and I have alot of concerns about leaving her alone and trying to go back to work. She has many major health issues, but the one that concerns me most is her memory. She had a stroke in Oct. 2008. She has had 3 open heart surgeries (2003-2005-2007). I would like to know what kind of assistance is available and how to recieve it.

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is there any financial assistance for 24 hour care for my brother who is on ssi and we have no money to pay for help other than his hospice help
need assistance other than hospice to help with brother but no money to pay for help he is on ssi
there are agencies out there that can help but here where im from its a certain age from one age to another here you half to be 70 to 85 in order to qualify to get paid to take care of ur love one and then its so many hours too
how can i get paid to care for my sister who is living with my elderly parnets who are not able to care for her. I want care for her but need an income to live.
shirley1957, is your sister on any programs that provide financial assistance? Does she receive a disability income? Is she eligible for any programs?

Perhaps the first step is to contact the county's Social Services agency and ask for a needs assessment. Once Sister is eligible for caregiving assistance, then look into how you can be that caregiver.
My mother is already in disability income as am I(her son) but I there is not enough money to feed her by her new clothes or anything for the matter that she needs.Is there any program who will pay me for taking care of he?
I cared for my brother for five years before his passing. How do I go about getting paid for care giving.
please help my husband has Parkinson disease and he is only 56 and I need to know if I can get paid for being his caregiver.

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