How much sleep does a 93-year-old woman need?

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We have our "Mama Flo" on a scheduled (recommended by her primary physician). She goes to bed at 10:00 p.m. and gets up at 10:00 a.m. She still wants to doze all day long. We are continually having to wake her up. She is NOT on any medications that would make her sleepy. Someone is always with her, or at least in the house with her, whether it be my husband and/or I, or our caretaker who helps when we are both away. We are continually waking her up. We recently started putting her to bed at 9:00 p.m.--that seemed to help at first--but, she is STILL wanting to sleep!!! Help!! How much sleep does she need? She generaly takes 30 minute to 1 hour nap after her lunch at 2:30. It just doesn't seem to be enough...????

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oh just think if ure 93 yrs old what would u like to be doing ?
my dad is 87 yrs old , sleeps all day and all evening and allnight . only time he cans tay awake is when we re going for a joy ride , stays awake long enuff to watch lawrence welk or hee haw , or if he s hungry .
infants sleeps alot then they get older and stay awake more and be a hand full till they grow into 40s or 50 s gotta have a nap then when they retired , nothing sounds good but sleep . then they become a infants stage and then they dont wake up anymore . its a cycle of life . sleep sleep till its time to sleep forever .
You know what? I am 73 yrs young and I sleep for 12 hrs every night and have been doing so since retiring. Sometimes I feel as tho that isn't enough even. You say he is under the care of a physician so let it be. Poor soul has earned the right to do whatever he wants......clsichasi
Has she been checked for Narcolepsy, or low blood sugar?
My Mother's geriatric specialist said their biological clocks get turned around--want to stay up at night and sleep in the day-- but it sounds like your Mother sleeps day and night.
My Mother is 93. I wish she would take just a 10 minute nap during the day and not jump up every 5 SECONDS, so we could go to the bathroom, do the dishes, take a shower. If she did not take Seroquel at night, she would probably not sleep then either.
Have you tried "engaging" your Mother in conversation? Really stimulating her? Maybe she's bored? Play music, get a puppy to lick her face--anything to keep her alert! Good Luck!
OK...I'm a little confused here. Just signed on here today, because I was surfing around the internet trying to find some statistics, information or guidance with regard to sleep patterns of the elderly...uh, BECAUSE I CARE DEEPLY FOR AND LOVE my mother-in-law. Wow. Thank you, lhardebeck for your "words of wisdom", input and your hug. On the other hand, "clsichasi"...uh...I don't know if you are taking to ME, or to lhardebeck...because you say "HE" Mother-in-Law is one of the sweetest, kindest and most precious people I have ever known. No one here has inferred that she hasn't earned the right to do anything. Yes, she has doctors...several, in fact. She has regular visits with them. But, they don't LIVE here and are not with her 24 hrs. a day. We are on top of all that goes on with her, are in touch with her doctors, go to all appointments; we keep her medications set up and know what she is taking and why she is taking it. She is well coiffed, nails done, dressed, enjoys delicious and beautiful meals that are prepared for her three times a day, enjoys a couple glasses of wine every evening...I could go on. She has a good life, and is treated like a QUEEN. No one deserves it more than she does. Her primary physician suggested (when she was diagnosed with Early Dementia about a year and a half ago) that we keep her on a schedule, so, like I said--bed at 10, up at 10. It has worked well. She loves to play crossword puzzles, (I make a copy and we play together), she loves certain shows on tv, she plays bridge once a week. Again, I won't go on. My point is, she's fun and is still full of life...but, mostly if you are sitting WITH her and keeping her entertained! :-) Yes, she is "under the care of physicians"...but, WE have the responsibility of taking care of her and doing what is best. I simply was trying to find out from someone...anyone... what the "norm" is, if there is one. I am not looking for criticism. Hey, I am 56, and I need my sleep, too! Take care, everyone. If you have any suggestions, or you've experienced this situation and can offer any help, please let me know. Otherwise, I'd really rather not have any negativity or criticism from anyone. Thanks, again, lhardebeck! :-)
Thank you, christina28, for your input. See...this is what I am looking for. I KNOW there are other people out there with same or similar situations!!! No, no problem with narcolepsy or low blood sugar. She is stimulated ALL DAY LONG. After lunch, she takes a 30 min. to l hr. nap. If you leave her room for five minutes, she drops off!!! She's even fallen asleep over her meal tray. Go figure! It is almost like having an infant, like lhardebeck said...and we r just fighting hard for her NOT to get her days and nights mixed up!!! We want what's best for HER...but we have to take care of ourselves, too (right?!) Like I said earlier...I guess we just don't want to "let her go!"...the more her dementia progresses and the more she's wanting to sleep, I feel like we are just watching her slip away. I've described it as kinda like playing "tug o' war"...she's slowly letting go of the rope, while we're trying to "hold her up!" Take care everyone!!! :-)
I don't think there is a "norm". My 93 yr old relative goes to bed about 10, and gets up anytime between 5:30 and 8, depending on when she feels like it. Sometimes she takes a nap in her chair in the afternoon. I knew a 97 yr old who was still active and involved who slept like anyone. I knew another 93 yr old who seemed to mostly sleep. I think it depends on the person and their overall health.
OK, ktrafnel, I apologize, and did not assume you were not giving the best care to your Mother in law. There are all kinds of situations on this site. If you read some others, you might understand why I said what I said.
Anyway, lhardebeck is one of the sweetest people on AC--an Angel, no less, so you are absolutely correct about her.
I was not criticizing, and my Mother is as well taken care of as your MIL. I will not list the things I do for her, same as yours. However, my Mother cannot see to do anything herself, and we cannot let her fall, so must watch her while she is awake--at least 14-16 hours straight.
Also, there is NO NORM for dementia, except unpredictable behavior, no consistency, no logical sequence of events, as the disease progresses.
Again, I apologize if you thought I was negative. I am realistic.
We are here for you if anything changes. Even moi.
Apologetic HUGS, KT!
OH OH OH!! I thought I had made a mistake and you were talking to me!!! Sorry, KT! I always take the blame for things. I have had a difficult few days, so I am overly sensitive--but still willing to help if I can.
Can I start over?:)
No! Christina! You read me wrong! It was the 73 yr. old before you...I thought her comments were "snarfy"... Read what she says. Basically, for us to "leave it alone"..."that the poor old soul has earned the right to do whatever (s)he wants!" Good grief! I was ready to run! And, just delete myself! Wow!!! I appreciate your being realistic and appreciate all you've said. I find MOST people who have never been where we are have NO IDEA what this is about!!! Thank YOU and the other "angel"!!! Hugs to both of you! :-) No apology needed!
ktrafnel- you ll get all kind sof good and the bad commets . with the bad ones ijust ingore it . christina is a sweetheart also . i just want to reach out and grab her and hug her hard , and i feellike i want to hug u hard too . :-)
yes we dont want our lovin parents to slip away . so sad but then sometimes i think they want to slip away , get tired of living same old same ole , everyday , my mom was young when she passed on , always said i lived a good life , i want to go meet my master . thats all she ever think of is to go meet her master , she was tired of living with cancer , god bless her soul !
come back and keep us update or just to be talking to eachother , always a pleasure to meet someone new .
like i said hateful commets , just ingore it . say few cuss word in ur mind then ah u ll feel better . xoxoxo

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