How much does diabetes management cost in assisted living?

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Most assisted living facilities don't provide medical care, so you'd have to talk with the individual facility. Often, they contract with an in-home provider who is licensed for nursing care. This one may have their own. However, each facility is different.

Diabetes is so common in the AL age group, that the administrators should be able to quickly tell you their policy. You may find it is extra, however.

My father is on Kaiser and waived his right to Medicare. He is living in an assisted care facility and needs someone to provide him daily insulin shots. This is not a covered benefit through Kaiser, thought it would have been (I understand) through Medicare). Has anybody encountered this situation before and found a good solution.
The asst. living place that my mother-in-law is in, goes by 'points'. You have 25 points available before they start tacking on extra charges. Each point is whatever they need, laundry, medications administered, bathing etc. We also have Kaiser, and the insulin for my father-in-law was paid pretty much all the way, although he was living in a foster home and gave him his shots. They have nurses at MIL's place that dole out the meds, I'm assuming they can also give shots. Check it out with them.

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