How does the Medicaid spend-down work?

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it depends on the state where an elder will apply for assistance. Your best bet it to talk with the dept of health and welfare to learn their requirements. Generally, the individual must use all their liquid assets - cash, CD's & such - for their support, once they are down to $2000 or $2500 they qualify to receive assistance. Keep in mind there is a look back period of 3-7 yrs - depending on state regulations - if, during that time, the elder gave away any thing of value (cash, land, cars, antiques, art, CDs, stocks, etc ) they will be disqualified from getting aid. The state expects the "giftee" to return it. The state may ask if the elder has anything of value - life insurance, a house, car etc. that might be sold upon their death so the state can recoup their money.

This has been my experience but you should really not rely on our advice here as gospel. SPEAK TO YOUR STATE AND AN ELDER ATTORNEY to find out all the details, especially if your elder has a spouse or dependent child who needs a place to live, they make acceptions for that.
i paid my sped down i can get my medican whant do i do
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can I as my Dad's daughter spend down money after he enters a nursing home. I would like him to have a nice chair, radio, T.V. and such.
I have to pay 184.00 per month, How can I do a spend down with the bills the hospitals send to me and not pay the 184.00/mo
We live in TN. My mother's just been admitted to a nursing home with the early stages of Alzheimer's. She has $40,000 in savings. The folk at the nursing home suggested we transfer the money from her savings to her checking with all the money being used for her nursing care until its spent down to Medicaid requirements. Is this the best thing to do? If so, How do we get it from one account to the other?
Just be careful to pay any expenses she may need before the money is spent down. Prepay and home care or nursing home care you can. My granfather spent down his money a month ago and we are still waiting for Medicaid to approve. My sister and I are the only family to care for him. We both work full time and taking turns staying with grandpa. We are at risk of losing or job due to missed days at work. He needs 24 hour care care due to rapidly progressing dementia.

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