How do you get an elderly parent with Alzheimer's into an SUV?

I had the side step put on my suv for Mom and its worked for 3 years perfecty. Now my mom steps on it and doesnt understand to step into the car. I tried a step but it put her head above the roof of the car and she goe even more confused. My morning caretaker has a small car and there is no problem. She turns her backwards and she just sits down. Has anyone gone thru this and found a solution? I certainly dont want to buy another car. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Oh my. Are you alone with your mom when you have to do this? If someone else is there, perhaps that person can already be inside the car in the other seat and call to your mom or extend his/her arms toward your mom as her name is called out to get her attention. Or, if you are alone, maybe you can place inside the car, in the other seat, a favorite or special item of hers to entice her to enter and pick it up. You could direct her to look at it and ask her to enter the SUV to pick the item up. I am so sorry, I've never heard of this problem. I hope that you find an easy solution. Best of luck.
Thanks, yes I am alone and I appreciate you writing me. Mom can't make out what she sees anymore. I put on a mask and she doesnt even notice, its sad. Her brain just wont get that leg up anymore. She used to put her leg up and shake her bum because I had the radio on warming up the car, I miss that.
Thanks again
I am sorry. I wish I lived near you and could help. Best of luck to you and your wonderful mom. You are a good and loving daughter.

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