How do you deal with someone who won't eat anymore?

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That depends on the reason. When a person is dying, their body shuts down organ by organ, and they often don't want food, because their body no longer can process it.

However, if this person is ill and doesn't want to eat, a doctor needs to be consulted.

Many times, a person will be drawn to cool foods rather than heavier not foods - or the reverse. Experiment with fruit - cool and easy, but still nutritious. Nutritional drinks are available, too, but watch for too much sugar.

Please consult the doctor about the reasons for this.
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Sometimes as we age what used to taste good doesn't any more. Try offering favorite foods in small serviing sizes. If that doesn't work then consult her doctor. It may be an underlying illness, failure to thrive or even depression.
Both answers above are good, valid reasons. I do believe it depends on the person and their particular disease. My 91 year-old-mother has vascular dementia/Alz. and we noticed after her strokes her appetite diminished significantly. Her doctor prescribed an appetite stimulant (Megace) that worked for a while, but as the disease progressed we are having more and more trouble finding foods she will eat. What she once loved, she no longer has interest in. It is trial and error and can be trying for those trying to cook for her. I would suggest asking her doctor for suggestions. Good luck!!

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