How do I get help for my elderly father who doesn't believe anything is wrong and won't go to a doctor?

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My 72 year old father has been displaying symptoms of Alzheimer's for a few years now. Everyone in his life is aware that there is something wrong however no one is able to convice him to see a physician. I've called different agencies and what I've been told is that unless he is a danger to himself or others there's nothing they can do. Although he is not going to physically hurt himself intentionally he is on a path that I believe will ultimately result in something bad happening to him. Are there any options/suggestions you can recommend?

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It sounds like your father is in denial and probably doesn't want to know the truth. Have you tried asking one of his friends, or a trusted clergyman - rather than a family member - to talk to him? Sometimes, we tend to listen to those who aren't related to us, an objective third party. Does your father have a regularly scheduled checkup that he goes to? If so, call his family doctor ahead of time, tell him or her the symptoms your father is exhibiting, and ask the doctor to speak with your father.Unfortunately, there is no easy solution.

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