How can I stop my 86 year old mother from wondering the halls at night? I can't get any sleep as I hear her and have to put her back to bed.

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You might want to ask her doctor to prescribe something for her that will help her relax and sleep.
Trazadone is a mediction they prescribe to people who sleep walk. It keeps u asleep and is the most commonly prescibed for sleep walkers and people who do weird things in their sleep like eat or cook.
You can buy bed rails for her bed to help keep her in at night.
I had to ask the GP for some sedation for my Mum she had been awake for 5 night with no sleep at all ....she was babbling and distressed...only problem was in the morning she couldnt even stand ...I had too mover her with a wheelchair I am not sure whether sedation was a good idea..swings and roundabouts ...

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