My mother doesn't shower on the weekends because she doesn't go to the elderly club. She gets mad if I mention it. What can I do to get her to have better hygiene?

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If she does not want to shower on the weekend she could take a sponge bath at the sink. Does she live with you?
My mother only showers 3X a week. We've been told that this is plenty. One nurse even told us that it is better for people to shower less as they get older. Showering removes the natural oils that our skin creates. As we get older, these oils aren't created as well.

Do you want her to shower just because she always used to shower every day? Or does she start to smell over the weekends? If it is just habit, then she may not need it.
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Julie is right. Elderly should wash at the sink with a moisturizing body wash. Showers are too harsh for their already dry skin. Does she need help showering? Mom can no longer comprehend washing herself, so we do it for her, morning and night. It is more than sufficient when done every day. Also, there is a greater risk for falls when using a shower daily. Get her on a routine of washing up at the sink. It will be easier in the long run. As for hair washing, have her lean over the kitchen sink, and wash it for her. Hope this helps.
It's possible that your mother may feel safer in the shower at the elderly club for some reason.....whether it is because it is bigger, has no step into it, etc. You could ask her if this is the case. If so, then a sponge bath at home is the way to go.
Just make sure one of the days she showers is on a Friday, then don't worry about the weekend.

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