Will Medicare pay for hospice care in a nursing home?

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Yes. Medicare pays for hospice care whereever the person lives. So does Medicaid. A nursing home is home.

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cbosscpa, I would report that $500 surcharge to the State Attorney General's office. It seems like they are padding the bill.
To Ksue, Medicare pays for the Hospice care, but not for the cost of the Nursing Home. You still have to pay the full NH costs.
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My dad is in a skilled nursing home. He is covered under LTC coverage through a private insurance company, but also has Medicare. It is time for him to be put on hospice care, but how will the financial part work if another insurance is paying room and board, etc. and he goes on hospice through Medicare? Thanks
Why am I paying an additional $500 per month to the nursing home for "administrative fees" due to Hospice coming in to help? This seems counterintuitive: the nursing home has much less interaction with my mother, yet they are charging an 10% additional 10% per year ($6,000!) to perform said work. What does the Federal Government say about this overcharging?
Thank you for all your responses! I will call the state attorney general office. Yes, it does sound like bill-padding! Yikes!

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