Hello Everyone, I wanted to let you know that Mom passed away on Mon, Feb 21. She is at peace now. My best to you all - Heidi

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You have my sincerest sympathy for the passing of your mother. I hope and pray that you find comfort even while you miss her, and your dad.

Take care Heidi! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Im sorry for your loss-
she has passed, but she will never be far away.
now is such a hard time- do what u have to- and be kind to yourself,
even though we know the inevitable, it still hurts-it leaves a void-in our life.
but i truely believe, she is not going to be far away-
i send u huggs and strength and remember, u have been so special, u are wonderful- and r loved.

My heart and thoughts are with you. Bless you my friend, and stay in touch.

-- ED

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