Has anyone tried the GPS watches with Alzheimers patients?

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as in to try to locate them?
I thought of using this type of tracker when my Mom was in escape mode. It is a great idea to track but at the same time the hazzardous situations a person could get into while lost is stll an issue. My Mom was great at escaping she would go thru window screens to get out if she had trouble opening it. She would wait dilliberately when I was resting she would fake a nap even so I would think she was resting and then she would get out. When she was in a locked in unit she told me she was going to do just that, fake a nap and climb out window. That's when i realized she was doing that at my house. Well one night at my house, she seemed to be in "escape mode" so I slept in bed with her, (I thought that would stop her) she climbed over me (I was exausted) it was after midnight, I woke to a call from the police. My neighbors dog woke him barking, Mom was in his yard after taking a walk into the Lake in his back yard. She was wet waist high and said I'm wet I was in a deep puddle. Thank God for the neighbors dog! That lake is 14 miles long and about 2 miles wide in some parts. Point being a tracking device would be good if she was just lost but lost and confused is not a good combo. Several times she climbed a very dangerous curvey road up a mountain , I caught her almost in middle of road, with all the turns she was lucky she didn't get hit. Even so when I found her she sometimes refused to get in my car cause she was on a mission and I was the one retaining her. I realized too and in reading an article that if a door or window is same color as the walls, due to loss of depth perception, they cannot tell where the door or window is, unless they can see thru to the outside. My Mom never tryed the front door, because I never used it, and I always had the blinds shut and they were all the same color. She always climbed out the window that blinds were open. I found out about this after all the drama. So hopefully it will be helpful to you.
I was at a friends house yesterday, she has a two year old. There is a great thing for child proofing, I don't know what it's called but it fits over the door knob and it was hard for me to turn the handle. Her 14 year old had to show me how to get out and was laffin' at me. This is good thing unless like my Mom, she went thru windows.

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