What do I need to do to get some help for my parents?

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farher is 81 and has dementia and mother has wet AMD

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Another idea is to go to your state website, type "aging" in the search bar and follow the links for help. One of them will be your state's version of the National Family Caregiver's Support Program. They can be quite helpful.
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You could try your Area Agency on Aging. Maybe your community's Alzheimer's Association. They had good suggestions plus good support. I think they even have a 24-hour hotline. Dementia is hard to reason with. And parents want to remain independent (totally understandable) but sometimes they don't realize that things are not right.
I have been my parents caregiverfor 4 years now-I live 24/7 with them in an ""assisted living"" apartment complex-I do it all for them and have 6 siblings who are rarely here. My mom is going down hill now and needs some home care(home health aide and pt). she is also bipolar for 65yrs which I inherited-this DISEASE is just like other physiological disease,but the shame,guilt,and socccciety's ignorance on mental health helps neither of us over the years.I get therapy and meds(i'm a pharmacist by trade but now trying to give back to the 2 people with me deserve to live with dignity.OUr family hs been split permanently by 2 sisters who want nothing to do with me now. this disease reeks havic and much of this hatred is due to the fact that one sister chose to share allof my difficult mistakes-divorce,bankrupcy,etc which even thoughI was awfuly ill inmy brain i take full resposibility for it all. Yet the 2 have nothing ever to do with me. it has beenso hurtful ,shameful,etc.-how can a sister do that-she also has written her paents off-if any of this sounds familiar i need help to deal with it all-what a sad story but i beleive all is not lost and my parents give support to me.i do need some homecare aide help so the tension will leave for awhile thanks for listening

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