Floor protection for incontinence?

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She uses a walker and rugs are hard to figure out. Had to remove carpet as it had been wet too many times to clean. Now how to keep the floor safe when there are accidents and hopefully not ruin the new floors. Ordered new more absorbant underwear that someone suggested, but suspect there will still be some accidents. Need something washable, aborbant, flat for walker and not harm woord and new tile ... a tall order.

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I wonder if going vinyl for flooring would be less slick when it gets wet, rather than tile. It certainly would clean up pretty easy.
Not sure what length or expense you are willing to go, but vinyl plank might be a good idea. I did that in a bathroom. Planks were from Lowe's and it ran about $1 a square foot. Planks were thick and had a glue strip on the edges where you would peel paper off of them. They were plenty heavy to avoid any shifting and since no glue was on the bottom, they could just be put down right over the existing flooring. They are 100% waterproof as there is no chance for any water to get through the seams because of the overlapping installation. Great product and I think they had a 15 year warranty. It looked great - just as good as any fake wood product and super easy to install. They also had a little bit of a "wood" texture to them, so I don't think they would be too slippery. Check it out for yourself.
Thank you. We just put down new floors and had to get rid of the vinyl sheeting as it was too slippery. I suppose there is no magic rug! I appreciate the thoughts, thanks.
Hi Nancy, we are goings through a similar thing with our grandmother. What's been a lifesaver is the sticky plastic that you can put over carpet or tile. This seals it and then you can pull it up and throw the mess away, put down anohter layer and voila, no messes. you can find it here: plasticover.
My mother-in-law was having "accidents" too wearing just a diaper, so I bought her the Tena "overnight" pads to place inside the diaper, which helped with these "accidents". It isn't a sure fix, but does help eliminate a major overflow. You might give it a try too.
Thank you sooo much jcaring for the idea about using sticky plastic. I love it and it works like a charm as well for other things! You're a lifesaver!
What is sticky plastic? Where can I buy it?
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Trewax Gold Label Sealer Wax, Satin (Non-Slip) Finish solved the issue of slick bare flooring in our kitchen
Waterhog mats with double sided adhesive tape to hold the mat to carpet or flooring. Tape sold with mat will not leave residue when removed. Waterhog mats will hold 1.5 gallons of liquid per square yard. They can be cleaned with extraction (carpet cleaner machines) or taken outside to hose off and hang dry. They may seem pricey, but they are worth it... saving slip and fall, saving carpet and flooring, retaining liquid, and they come in great variety of colors. I am using them for my 85 year old mother, that I am caring for. Here is the website, where I found them: americanfloormats.com/waterhog-classic-entrance-mats/

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