Is there financial assistance for an elder on disability who recently had a stroke and heart attached qualify for?

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If the elder is on disability, he or she likely has Medicaid for health insurance. I'd check with your local Social Services people to see if Medicaid in your state pays for any assistance for you.
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A: Social Security Disability Benefits are the main financial assistance for people that cannot work due to a serious medical condition. Military veterans and seniors are entitled to separate sets of benefits. Beyond Social Security Disability and veterans benefits, there are a number of other government and non-government programs available for people with low or no income. Here are a few:

Medical Care- State Medicaid benefits pay medical bills for people who qualify based on low income and low assets. Most counties offer medical service programs for people who have no other way to pay for health care. Hospitals and clinics typically screen for these programs. Some hospitals have charity care programs that help patients who cannot afford to pay their hospital bills.

Welfare- The type and amount of Welfare aid available varies from state to state. Most states offer basic aid such as health care, food stamps, child care assistance, unemployment, cash aid, and housing assistance. To apply for welfare contact your local Human Service Department.

Other Government benefits: Visit to see what other government benefits you can qualify for. Also look to your local Community Action Agency to see what benefits you qualify for. Visit to find your local agency.

National Charity Programs. Catholic Charities and Saint Vincent DePaul are two nationwide programs that offer a number of services to people with no income, including food and housing.

Local Charities- A number of locally- based charities offer financial assistance based on different qualifying criteria. Check with your local Health and Human Services agency, community center, or faith-based organization (church, synagogue, or temple) for more information.

The number one thing to remember is, keep looking and asking. Depending on your individual situation, there are any number of assistance programs out there.
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If you live in maryland, i know allt of Home health care agency that are medicaid waiver provider, that can help.
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