My 88-year-old father broke his hip two weeks ago and was in rehab for recovery. He was uncooperative and was sent back to the hospital for drainage issues. why?

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Hi, susie. Not sure I am clear on your "why." Are you asking why all of this is happening, or why your Dad had to be sent back to the hospital. When you have a moment, if you don't mind, please clarify. Thanks.
Thx, Isabel, I am wondering why he has to be sent back to the hospital; they already gave us a release date from rehab of June 1... We are in NY and trying to get him up here, from Florida. Not easy to coordinate with facilities up here, etc, so am wondering if this is a precautionary move, something common, or because of his refusal to do the PT (if you look up stubborn in the dictionary, his picture is there!)

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