How do you deal with sibling relationships that are being destroyed over their father’s will?

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Are family members trying to contest the will? That will require legal assistance.

Are they just ugly because they don't like what father decided? Too bad, so sad, relatives. It was father's assets and he was entitled to dispose of them as he chose.

A relationship that can be destroyed over material goods may very well not have been a relationship worth maintaining. That is sad, sad, sad, I agree, but that does not make it less true.
It's a living trust and the living step-father is being manipulated and turned against the sibling who was supposed to get his half of the house. The deceased mother already gave her half to this particular sibling. His lawyer said he can't represent him anymore because of what she is doing. So they went ahead and found another lawyer and God knows what they are up to. But to say the sibling who is supposed to get the house is heartbroken, angry and feels helpless.
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I have nothing I can say constructive. But I have 7 siblings and I have had my mother since 2000 living with me [no help from any siblings] and I will have a fight when she dies for whatever monetary value she has left and I stopped talking with all siblings in 2000 when father died and they came in and ransacked my parents house and wanted more. I can not believe siblings can choose stuff over relationship with their family, but that's what happens.
I just say God Be With You and do what in your heart you know is right.
Happy 1x9: You must find an attorney where you can lay it all out on the table. It appears that the property (house) was owned by at least two persons as Tenants in Common ( bad idea). The deceased mother's portion was willed to her child(?)
The step-father needs representation and the remaining "sibling" needs representation. Then the law takes over. A Trust is more powerful (legally) than a Will. Good Luck! (to them).
As far as goods are concerned, very often family members will seek anything they can find after someone dies. I actually saw a family back up a truck to the door and load whatever was not tied down. Sad.
I Timothy 6:10:
"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."
How many times have I seen this verse enacted on this website? Hundreds.

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