What can I expect during the final stages of emphysema?

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I am caring for FIL, who has severe emphysema. He is also an alcoholic and was diagnosed anorexic.
He is in denial and believes he has mesothelioma ( which would have killed him years ago .)
My husband and I have tried to broach the subject, about his wishes concerning impending death. His desire is to be on full life support, until the end and he has no desire for hospice.
Some days, I think I can see a rapid decline, and other days, I believe he is being manipulative, to gain sympthy. I do not like the man, but I respect him.
What can I expext, as far as the end stages? I know people with epmhysema, can live a long time, but I would think that would be to those who take really good care of themselves.

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This is a tough way to die, so I hope he goes with hospice as the end stages near. He likely misunderstands hospice, as some do. Hospice care would keep him comfortable when no cure is possible.
However, you will need to comply with his wishes. He will gasp, choke and be utterly miserable, I'm afraid. You'll need to work closely with his doctor to do what you can for him. He is making a choice here.

If he has had any treatment for alcoholism, he would have support in that direction. If not - he'll get so he can't drink and that will make him cranky, too. You have your hands full. By the way, hospice will help with the alcohol withdrawal symptoms, as well, without judging him. Take care,
My husband has emphysema. Whenever he gets up to go just a short distance his oxygen level drops to 85. He just got out of the hospital because he could not breathe. They pump him up with steroids, keep him for about 3 days, send him home, wean him off the steroids and then gives him a small daily dose of steroids. All the steroids do is help him to breathe, but it just goes around and he ends up right back in the hospital with the same symptoms and they just do the same treatment over and over again. When will the doctor suggest hospice?
Thank you. I know he misunderstands hospice ( not to be funny, but he made a comment that everyone he knows that went to hospice died ).
My husband has the end stages of emphysemia, he has lost a considerable amount of weight over 50lbs in the past year.,20lbs in 2 mo oxygen 24/7 at 4liters , fell a week ago and broke hip, can't have surgery because of high risk to go under, not putting out urine today and started loosing bowels, not waking up to take treatments and becoming more confused, skin is becoming dry and flaking off, blue spots on lips. Coughing up more phlem, dark in color even dripping out of nose if head is down, How much longer can this go on? What more can I expect?
What can be expected near the end of emphysema
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