Is there equipment to carry a wheelchair on the back of my car?

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I hurt my back every time I lift the chair and put in my trunk. I am looking for an inexpensive device without a car tow hitch to hang my husband's wheel chair on the back of my car, maybe in the form of a bicycle rack?

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Ow! My back still feels the effects of lifting wheelchairs in and out of my (then) two door car. They are heavy. There are bicycle holders for cars, but I don't know of any wheelchair devices. Anyone out there know something?
You maybe could call local places that sell wheelchairs and see if they have ideas. I checked online and didn't find what I think you are looking for.
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Look at wheelsuplift
This device mounts on thr back of the vehicle easily.
Then the chair is rolled backwards so it is against the bumper.
Hook the lift bar under the chair push handles and crank it up.
No trailer hitch is needed.
Have you thought about a rollator ? The come as light as 11 lbs (5kg).
I was thinking you might look into a lighter weight wheelchair. If he is in a wheelchair permanently, you might look into buying a different vehicle. Perhaps an adaptable van with a lift. A rollator would be good if he is still walking mostly.

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