Where can my mother and father live together if they both need special care?

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It depends on both of their needs. To be able to answer your question correctly, would need to know the amount of assistance each would need.
If you parents are more fitting for a nursing home/personal care home setting, I would talk to different faculities and explain your situation. Years ago, I worked at a small PCH and there was 2 couples that lived there. Each couple had there own room of course seperate beds. The PCH care home was very understanding of keeping the couples together.

If both parents are of same level of care, then you can place them together (if there is openings for both) They will most likely have there sleeping quarters seperate, male wing/female wing. But during waking hours they can be together in the common area. Just ask! You might find a place that will place them in the same room.
Both of my Parents reside in NH care, in a room together.
It is possible to have both parents placed in the same room. Most facilities do try to place them together as long as the level of care permits it. There may be laws that protect this - I just can't remember exactly. My husband's grandmother was in one private room and her "baby" sister was in the private room next door in the facility they resided in.
I'm in NJ and there are several places that allow spouses to share a room and/or suite in assisted living and share a room in the nursing home facility. You just have to call around and ask. I've found that there were several couples who were living together - as well as couples where one in the independent wing and spouse in assisted or one in assisted and one in cognitive wing. Best of luck! PS - the couples spent most of their days together as well as being able to dine together.

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