What can I do for an elderly cousin who is being financially abused and possibly physically abused?


My cousin, who is like a sister to my Mom and like a 2nd Mom to me has been placed into a boarding home by her daughter. She is not allowed to have a cell phone. She has no idea about her finances. Her daughter says she is "crazy" (incompetent). However, she has passed a competency test "with flying colors" given by a physician. Her car was sold without her permission; her house was almost sold...until they discovered it was deeded to her until her death. I need to know what I can do as a mere cousin to prevent her daughter from doing this to her.

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The courts are your best means of protection of your cousin. In some states you, as an interested member of her family, can be appointed as her Guardian, in others as her Conservator. Whatever is the correct term, the result is the same. You really need a lawyer for this. Any lawyer with a family type practice can handle it. .If you were appointed any Power of Attorney is relatively ineffective. Good luck to you and do not delay seeing that lawyer..
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